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based in London

Ermioni Rammou is a Greek-born artist who lives and creates in London. Since her childhood she has been involved in dance, theatre, painting and ceramics. She has studied Fine Arts (MFA) in U.o.I. , Greece and Architecture (MArch) in T.U.C. , Greece . She has worked as an art teacher, set designer and architect.

In her creative practice she uses chaos, randomness, repetition and marks as main elements of her expressive language. She is attracted by the random effect and the marks that smoke creates on the surface of the clay. The clay is transformed to ceramic. The smoke is captured, absorbed in the surface, imprinting the firing processes.

The last four years she moved to London and she decided to work mainly with clay. The Greek artist’s work is often linked to ancient Greek pottery. She uses a variety of clay bodies and many of her ceramics are meticulously burnished and low fired to create the perfect canvas for the smoke firing process.


Recently Ermioni was awarded a fund through D.Y.C.P of the Art Council England to experiment further with her art.

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